Saturday, March 26, 2011

Host the Boneyard!

After the April 5 edition of the Boneyard at Sorting Out Science, we're hostless. If you host a blog about paleontology or a related science, or general science, or science history, or science-art, what the heck? You should host!

Here's how it works. A little before the new edition is set to run, I call for entries. You should, too. There's no magic formula as far as how often to ask, where to ask (I mainly use this blog, Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs, and Twitter), or how early to ask. You're free to ask for submissions however you want, but I'd appreciate if you'd consider asking submitters to send to boneyardblogcarnival(at)gmail (dot)com. that way, folks will know of one address to send to, no matter who's hosting. The ideal is that each host bring in some new faces. It won't always happen, but it sure is lovely when it does.

The host also gets to decide if they want to run with a themed issue. If you do, make sure to let me know so I can put the word out as early as possible.

I'll forward submissions to you as they roll in. If it's a bountiful month, you can use your discretion as far as what's included and what isn't. I'll also email you about all of this, including a link to the graphics set at Flickr.

You'll put together the post and publish it on the first Tuesday of your month. That's it! Fun fun fun fun.

Leave a comment here or email me at the address above if you'd like to host the Boneyard.

Updated Hosting 2011 Schedule:

April 5: Sorting Out Science
May 3: Life As We Know It
June 7: Project Dryptosaurus
July 5: Laelaps
August 2: ART Evolved
September 6: JP Legacy
October 4: The Faster Times
November 1: The Tyrannosaur Chronicles
December 6: The Disillusioned Taxonomist

Update 7/18/11: See this post.


  1. If you're not too superstitious I can host one at The Tyrannosaur Chronicles (though it should be noted I was the last ever host of the original Boneyard... dumdumdum)

    I need to run it by the other admins, but ART Evolved can probably host one as well. We'd probably try a palaeo-art themed carnival just as a heads up. Let me check in with the other guys and get back to you.

  2. ART Evolved is officially in as well. It is up to you which of the two you wish to schedule first. Just let me know if you could

  3. I just e-mailed my submission for the upcoming carnival along with an interest in hosting. Let me know.

  4. I sent my submission yesterday, let me know what's going on.

  5. Traum - I put AE down for August. I'm waiting to hear back from a few "big name" bloggers and I'll wait to schedule the chronicles, so as to stagger your hosting duties.

  6. I wouldn't mind hosting the Boneyard Carnival on my Jurassic Park Legacy site as well. We have two locations to post it really, the Jurassic Innards blog: or the main site here: Innards might be better since it's Wordpress.