Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Five Days Left!

Hey all, just a quick update. The deadline for submissions for Boneyard 2.1 is Monday, September 6. Which makes some sense, as the first new Boneyard will go up on Tuesday, September 7.

What labyrinthine set of steps must the intrepid blogger follow to submit a post for inclusion in the Boneyard? Unable to resist my penchant for devious, soul-squishing bureacracies, I've invented a painfully cumbersome process. Ready? Steel yourselves for this:
  1. Decide on a post to include (recent or not).
  2. Email me at chasmosaurs(at)gmail(dot)com, including the URL for the post
I can feel the wills of a thousand paleo-bloggers withering in the face of my sinister invention, and I delight in their torment.

Think you've got the cojones to survive this brutally excruciating chore? Prove it! Submit to the Boneyard 2.1!

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